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Intestinal transit specialist for over 30 years.

Frank Laporte-Adamski, 65, Heilpraktiker of French nationality is a naturopath and fasciapulsologist creator of dietary regulation that improves body functioning, health and fitness. He has been practicing his method worldwide for more than 30 years.


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How the digestive tract works

We have all experienced this situation, where after a meal, we experience difficult digestion. The first symptoms are a swollen belly, burning, drowsiness...
Adamski explains to you how to use your digestive tract!

Book cover The Adamski Diet

Nutrition at the heart of the Adamski® Method

The Adamski Method's 'non-diet' is a revolutionary approach to nutrition, which takes into account the verticality, i.e. the fall-off time of foods. Foods with slow and fast transitions should be eaten separately in order to optimise the self-cleansing of the digestive tract.

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Lubrilax - Adamski® Capsules and Cataplasms

Lubrilax capsules, with extra virgin olive oil and essential oils, lubricate the digestive tract and accelerate digestion. Highly effective body shaping treatment: drains, shapes and lightens the body. Special clay poultices can be applied to the abdomen and legs for an osmotic and detoxifying effect.

T.R.A. (Rebalancing Treatment of the Abdomen)

The Rebalancing Technique of the Abdomen (T.R.A.©)

In order to help regulate intestinal transit, this unique technique has been developed and refined over the years, taking into account returning customers.

The Adamski concept

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The Adamski method
who is it for?

Recommended by
professors in pediatrics, metabolism and doctors of aesthetics and nutrition. This revolutionary method is targeted at all poorly functioning digestive tubes without established pathologies. You can find testimonials from clients of the Adamski method by pressing the button below.
The Adamski method improves your life hygiene!


How does it work?

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Transit is a vertical pathway, which starts from the mouth to the rectum and allows food to descend through the
8 to 10 meters of the digestive tract.

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Assimilation is a horizontal operation, from the inside to the outside of the tract.
Through the filter of small holes placed along the tube, the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and good fats contained in food enter the bloodstream and nourish all the cells of the body.
This filter also expels toxins from the blood and lymph in the tube.
Theeffectiveness of the filter depends on the Transit: if it is too slow,
works poorly

The Solution!

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Recreate the intervals between meals, following the different
speeds of foods
It isnot a "diet" that always involves deprivation and consequently imbalance, but it is a matter of adopting a dietary adjustment, where results are noticed in only about 3 or 4 days.
In addition to dietary "reeducation," it is recommended to combine various techniques, manual and reflexology on the abdomen, to promote the detachment of the deposit of toxins and debris and thus relax the digestive tract.

Adamski method

See an example of T.R.A. manipulation.

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