Maëla Le Borgne is the first presence of the Adamski® method in Paris!
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Maëla Le Borgne

Specialising in micro-nutrition and nutritional health, Maëla Le Borgne places particular emphasis on intestinal health and digestive disorders, but also on hormonal disorders which are the source of many daily ailments. Her approach is global: you cannot separate the physical from the mental, you have to improve these two poles in order to obtain lasting results in terms of "silhouette" and well-being. She attaches great importance to respect for the human person, the quality of service and the well-being of everyone. She welcomes you to her medical practice located in Paris "Nation" but also offers remote consultations. Her aim is to enable everyone to find the diet that suits them, thereby promoting well-being, health and vitality.

Adamski Graduate
Maëla Le Borgne
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Our Adamski® Treatments


The Abdominal Rebalancing Technique

Precise manoeuvre to free the digestive tract. This manoeuvre works on 5 points of light pressure for a less swollen tummy.

Stretching of arteries

Improves leg circulation, accelerates venous and lymphatic return.

Cranial stress relief technique

Improves tissue irrigation. Decongests the neck, shoulders and cervicals. Unblocks maxillofacial joints by stimulating the pituitary and hypothalamus against ageing.

(Coming soon)

Complementary treatments

Application of poultices to deflate and drain the abdomen and legs.

Stéphane Quéry

Stéphane Quéry, reflexology masseur, manual therapist.
He is particularly interested in the visceral system, practising the Adamski® Method. This technique combines a manual abdominal treatment that facilitates detoxification with a dietary programme based on the dissociation of certain foods with respect to their digestion times. It is a very interesting method for reducing all digestive disorders (reflux, gastric acidity, bloating, colitis, constipation, diarrhoea, liver steatosis, etc.), thus enabling better well-being and a better quality of life.

It also offers many other manual therapies focused on treating muscular but also functional pain (sports and therapeutic massage, back massage, circulatory leg massage). Finally, his speciality in therapeutic foot reflexology allows him to work on restoring the body's overall balance (homeostasis).

Stéphane Quéry Adamski Method

Training since 1989 :
anatomyand dissection
-Sports and therapeutic massage
-Sitting massage
-Plantar reflexology
-Certification in the Adamski Method
-Sports care (Strapping - taping)
-Annual rebounding (muscular - visceral - tissue reflex - vascular)
-Micronutrition of the sportsman
-Micronutrition and metabolic risks
-Mountain medicine and emergency medicine in isolation situations
-Rescue and prehospital care for physically traumatised persons

Stéphane Quéry:

•Manual therapist

Expert opinions and deeds:
-Adamski® method
-Sports massage
-Therapeutic massage
-Plantar reflexology
-Visceral massage
-Leg massage
Languages spoken:
French, Spanish, English
Opening hours:
from 09h00 to 19h00
Emergency contact:
+41 79 732 85 61
120₣ (Chf) per hour
Methods of payment:
Cash - Twint - Credit cards not accepted
Maria Ferrari Studio, Tirano.
Maria Ferrari:

-Facial and body treatments

Languages spoken:
Opening hours:
from 09:00 to 20:00
+39 340 93 58 122
Whatsapp or call for further information
120₣ (Chf) per hour
Methods of payment:
Cash - Twint - Credit cards not accepted